2017 Reunion Tour Information

Click on the links provided below to view information on the scheduled tours. This will allow Association members to decide, in advance, if a particular tour interests them or if they would like to do some sightseeing on their own.

Raiding the Country Vault

The newest production in Branson, MO and has tapped top country music industry talent to take audiences on a journey through the greatest hits of Country Music - America's most beloved genre. The show, from the producers of the Las Vegas sensation, "Raiding the Rock Vault," enjoyed a successful 2016 debut season, climbing to #4 on Trip Advisor in just 12 weeks!

For 2017, Raiding the Country Vault is pleased to reside in the Starlite Theatre in Branson, Missouri, with a full schedule of shows featuring a set list of country music's most renowned favorites by celebrated artists including: Conway Twitty, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Buck Owens, Charlie Daniels Band, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Garth Brooks, Dolly Parton, Dwight Yoakam, George Strait, and many more.

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Veterans Memorial Museum

The exhibits in the museum cover WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, and all other recent conflicts during the 20th Century. The center great hall of the museum has walls that list over 400,000 names of the men and women killed in action during WWII. Throughout the museum the walls of each great hall contain the names of those killed in action during Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and other conflicts of the 20th Century.

Hoppe states, "Along with the Veterans Memorial Museum being an artistic memorial to our veterans, we want to evoke from our visitors an emotional response to the far reaching implications of war and the undeniable courage of those who stood strong in the face of the enemy. Above all, this memorial is a gesture of thanks to all who died to defend these freedoms we enjoy today."

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The four Mabe brothers began performing on the Branson lakefront, and now, the family legacy continues to draw crowds with its variety of country and gospel music and hilarious comedy. Each year the show features exciting new music and fabulous new costumes. Following in their family's footsteps, Tim Mabe, the show's producer, Tim's wife Patty, and their son Brandon, along with his son Broden Mabe and many others continue a tradition of quality, heartwarming entertainment. The show is truly a celebration of 50 years of family performance.

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